Music Stream - Free Streaming

Music Stream - Free Music StreamingPlease feel free to give us your inputs so we can update the app accordingly

Music Stream – Free Music Streaming

Download Music Stream - Free Streaming

Please feel free to give us your inputs so we can update the app accordingly.

Simply search and listen to music from SoundCloud directly on your android device. This is a simply music streaming app with no complicated and resource consuming features.


We have created a responsive design, so one app fits all devices.

Basic Features:

  • Search tracks, sets, artists and users
  • Listen Stations (tracks) created by users
  • Browse user's tracks, sets,
  • Playback control
  • Low battery consumption
  • Low data usage

> Access more than 1500 genres like pop, rock, techno, ambient, classic, electronic, indie, folk, punk, jazz, experimental alternative, rap, dance, soul, rhythm and blues and many more)

> Access more than 200 countries like US, UK, French, spain, brazil, india, japan, germany, canada, italy, australia, russia,…

> Access the most popular songs on the web like justin bieber, psy, rihanna, shakira, lady gaga, jennifer lopez, eminem, lmfao, carly rae jepsen, adele, gossip, katy perry, nicki minaj, bruno mars, chris brown and so many more

This is a 2 click app, Click “Search” and Click on the “track” you want to listen too. Done!

Get Music Stream now at no charge. Music Stream, Streaming made easy…

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